We Know Valves

Welding is an essential step when fabricating valves and is often overlooked as an area to reduce cost.  

For over 20 years AccuWeld continues to weld on virtually every type of valve and every part of a valve.  We are specialists in corrosion resistant overlays and fabrication of valves – leading us to build a library of 300+ approved weld procedures.  This experience gives us a unique perspective in looking at ways where AccuWeld can weld your parts at a lower cost, faster, and with higher quality than doing it internally.

Have issues with expensive exotic alloys?  Struggle with Stellite overlays?  This is where we excel.

AccuWeld has procedures for a wide-variety of exotics and we enjoy the challenge of welding them.

Saving You Time and Money

valvesMany OEMs have in-house welding capabilities that focus on a handful of weld procedures.  Engineering decisions are often based on existing procedures and not the best procedure.  We work with valve OEMs to optimize their Weld Procedure Specifications to minimize their costs without sacrificing part integrity.

For example, we worked with a valve manufacturer who was under pressure to reduce manufacturing costs and they approached AccuWeld for ideas.  We applied a weld procedure for their overlays that used less filler metal and achieves the same metallurgical integrity.  The new process resulted in a 50% weld-cost savings.

 Original ProcessNew ProcessNew Process
(original thickness)
Mechanical & Chemical PropertiesSameSameSame
As-welded thickness1/4"1/8"1/4"
Finished machined thickness3/16"1/16"3/16"
Cost Savings-50%25%

Our customers have the confidence to rely on AccuWeld as their preferred welding partner.

Stop struggling with welding or rebuilding of your valves, let AccuWeld help you – We Know Valves

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