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Excellence in Welding

Excellence in Welding – Developing Customer Solutions


When our customers call, we answer. When our customer sends a message, we respond. At AccuWeld, we do not manufacture anything….except the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. This is our #1 Core Value—always has been, and always will be.

AccuWeld completed more than 2,000 customer projects over the past year, including specialty work on valves (especially severe service valves), subsea oil production components, machining parts, drilling equipment, choke bodies, and inconel overlays. In excess of 99.8% of these projects were delivered on or ahead of deadline.

Qualifying Weld Procedures

It is not unusual for Accuweld to qualify weld procedures to help a customer complete a job in the most timely, cost-effective way.  We have over 300 qualified weld procedure specifications and develop new ones all of the time.

Do you have a weld process that has not been reviewed in years?  We can help.


AccuWeld was approached by a customer to bind Super Duplex 2209 to a dissimilar base material using an automatic cold wire TIG process.  Our welding professionals recognized an opportunity to reduce cost and lead times by changing to an automatic pulse arc MIG process.  Changing the process allowed AccuWeld to weld at a higher rate of speed without jeopardizing the integrity of the weld.  The customer was not aware of this and, with approval of their welding engineers, immediately approved the development of a new WPS.

It is success stories like this that we live for.

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