4 AccuLink, the newest addition to AccuWeld, Inc.  is now fully operational. This facility is dedicated to the certified welding of Stainless, Nickel, and Exotic Alloy projects of various sizes, eliminating any cross-contamination of alloys.

AccuLink is located in the Aldine district near Houston Intercontinental Airport.  Our shop is 110’ x 205’ (22,500 sq. Feet) w/ 30’ eaves as well as 2000 Sq. ft of office space with multiple desk locations for third party inspectors and other allocations.



10 ton overhead crane to maneuver various products, from small items to tubing of all sizes and lengths

Forklift w/5000 lb lifting capacity

GTAW and GMAW welding machines

Welding Positioners

Material preparation equipment, including two End Mills, a 20’’ Cold Saw, a 7 x 12’’ Band Saw, and Plasma Cutting Equipment

Dedicated outdoor/indoor area for on-sight NDT inspections

(Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonic testing)



USDOT regulated 1 Ton flatbed truck w/40 ft gooseneck flatbed trailer to accommodate heavy loads for pickup and delivery

CDL certified driver (USDOT compliant)